We bring you a genuine traditional Thai massage, an ancient healing art. But what is it then if not just another type of massage? Especially next to the long line of other massages in the world.
Well, the massage element looks quite different in Thai Massage than in Western types of massage. It doesn’t use long stroke-like movements, but instead, Thai massage techniques include pressure, rolling, squeezing motions, stretches, and much more. Moreover, Thai massage is based on energy line work, or Sen line work as it is commonly known. This is where Thai Massage is different from Western massage. In the Western view, the therapist works on muscles and tissue. In the eastern view of the Thai massage system, the therapist works on energy lines. The idea is to improve the energy flow throughout the body and remove blockages to activate or stimulate the body’s natural healing energy. This is a more holistic approach because, in the Western model, the work is more topical – there is pain here in the muscle, so let’s work on that particular muscle. In Thai massage, there might be pain somewhere, but the whole energy line is treated to improve the energy flow throughout the whole body. Thai massage technique It is a total body work system combining physio, acupressure, chiropractics, yoga, acupuncture, and classic massage into a holistic flow, beneficial for both the client and the therapist. Why is it beneficial to a therapist too? A therapist works with their whole body weight when performing a Thai massage, not just with their muscle as in other types of massage. Yes, it could be quite strong, but it is not meant to be painful. If you’ve been to a Thai massage and it was unpleasantly painful, the masseuse didn’t know what they were doing, and we are sorry you've experienced this. Additionally– it is not meant to be oily the whole time. Oil is not used in the tradition of Thai massage. This stereotype was created by market demand from customers who are used to getting Western types of massages. Thai massage on mat At Oasis Bounty, we strongly believe in this healing modality, because it helped us personally and continues to help each day. Our highly experienced therapists, educated in the best healing facilities in Thailand, like Wat Pho in Bangkok or Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, are the key to long-lasting effects, but also - not so surprisingly – regularity.

Body-concerned topics love and blossom from regularity and established routine. We are offering you possibly the best, purest form of tradition among the most body-beneficial and healing forms of massage – but, without regularity, it will only be a temporary body high for some days. Eventually, it will wear off before you give your body a chance to start building on those Thai massage potentials, such as increased flexibility and range of motion, elimination of back-headache-menstrual pain, elimination of arthritis, asthma, improved blood circulation, respiratory system, nerve relieves, deep relaxation, improved sleep, digestion along with many others.

Why do we do this beautiful and functional healing art exclusively on the floor mat at Oasis Bounty? Well, first of all, Thai massage is traditionally done on a floor mat, not on a massage table. The advantage is that the therapist has much better ergonomics or body mechanics. Thai Massage is a very fluid system, a therapist needs to move around freely, which is not possible if a client lays on a table. The transitions are so smooth and natural, that the therapist never has to break a contact with a client’s body when moving to a different massage pose. Another factor is that because Thai Massage therapists work a lot with their entire body – not just with arm power like it is in other massage types, a lot of the stretches are done naturally and effortlessly – both for a client and a therapist.
Thai massage on mat The main reason why we felt the urge to contribute with our massage parlor to the, already over-saturated palette of Thai Massage parlors in Prague, is that we are all about health. Obviously. When we say health, we mean all-encompassing health, inclusive health for everyone – starting with our massage therapists and staff members first. We believe that health and self-care rituals start with us, and treat our bodies as a priority, to deliver to you – our beloved clients – later. In the massage community of masseuses, most of our colleagues – paradoxically enough - complain about body pain a lot. 99% of other massage types our massage colleagues are practicing, other than Thai massage, are done on a massage table, and this might be the main reason behind their struggle with health and pain. Not to brag, but Thai massage really found the perfect balanced body technique for all parties involved – and we feel very privileged to be able to practice this ancient healing art and it spread further. But enough of talking - come and give it a try.

To those not sure yet about the Thai massage, we also offer oil variation of Thai massage - which is a relaxing, soft option of traditional massage, still with significant elements of Thai massage. So you can start with this one - especially if you've never had Thai massage before. So don't worry - no need to experiment, just yet. Oil massage Also, to those extra concerned with specific parts of their body - we've got even you. You can find variety of options of partials massages - such as all times favorite feet massage, neck and shoulders massage and purely back massage. Foot reflexology massage All of our massages come in different time lengths, starting with 30 minutes, going up to 120 minutes. Important to mention is that massage benefit effects, which your body start to gain from typically start on 90 minutes session. Thai massage health sequence was originally designated for 120 minutes session, traditionally built from centuries ago. But as with sport - it is better to do short time than no time. So hop on and start with small steps, building up to what your body can thank you for to.
Thai massage was designed as a therapeutic system, because before modern medicine arrived in Thailand, that’s how Thai people helped each other with their aches and pains and their diseases. They used Thai Massage, they used herbal medicine massage. So Thai Massage is a system that is designed to help people. It works. It has been helping people for many hundreds of years. So Thai Massage by its very nature is a therapeutic system and you can do a lot of good with it. And same applies to the Herbal medicine massage used along Thai massage traditionally alongside each other.
Thai herbal massage Last important note is to mention, that there is nothing erotic about Thai massage and it is strictly forbidden in our facility to offer or demand our therapists anything of this kind.